Purpose-driven Leadership. What does it look like?

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Purpose-driven Leadership


At Better Boards. Better Communities. we focus to a considerable degree on the Board’s role in mission setting and mission focus.


In our four primary and unique functions of the Board, we start with setting strategic direction on behalf of the community, which means establishing the agency’s identity through mission, values, vision, and goals for impact.


Advocacy moves from an end to a process, assuring sustainable resources to achieve that mission and of course, assessment. It focuses on the carefully proscribed mission, not on the latest shiny object or peripheral but popular service.


This requires a tight focus on mission and purpose. 

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Purpose-driven leadership then occurs when the Board and CEO prioritize their purpose and values over anything else when making decisions on behalf of the organization. This results in better impacts over the longer term.


What are your values, mission, and purpose? Your “why”.


When do you discuss it around the table?


When do you engage with your Chief Officer to ensure that you are tightly focused, and aware of “mission creep” and “death by opportunity”?


Too often our mission or purpose is what we do, not why we do it.


Sharing your purpose, sharing your values, living your mission, and living your principles, enable your organizational culture to reflect your core being.


As a Board how do you:

  • Focus on the big picture?
  • Filter your decisions through your values and mission?
  • Say no to the newest shiny object? The newest opportunity, even if it is only peripheral to your mission and purpose?
  • Set an example? Mentor and coach your senior leadership?
  • Demonstrate your purpose and values to your community leaders?


These are not abstract questions. They require thoughtful deliberation and action.


How can we be so busy that we do not have the time to step back and look deeply at our mission and purpose, at our values, and how we live them and integrate them into our organization?


How can we not have time to discuss these fundamental questions around the Board table?


How can we not have time to focus and work with determination to make a difference?




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