The Changing Workplace: Managing Trends and Differences. Part II

leadership Feb 28, 2022


Are your practices geared toward the future or the past?
Are your HR systems focused on organizational development of filling slots?


As we mentioned last week, Dan Schawbel is a New York Times bestselling author and Managing Partner of Workplace Intelligence. Based on his research he outlines the top ten workplace trends each year. You can see previous years on his site. We have summarized his trends here -- you can get more detail by following this link.


The top 10 workplace trends include:


  1. Modern technologies scale to meet workers' mental health needs. When employees suffer stress and other mental health issues they tend to turn towards technology before humans for support. Companies are responding with virtual well-being seminars, 24/7 counseling services, and access to wellness apps.
  2. Employees are demanding more from their employers. Between our public health crisis and the economic recession, employees feel that their companies need to be part of the solution -- flexible work schedules, safe office facilities, paid leave, childcare, training, and mental health support, as well as wanting to know where they stand on political and social issues. Companies have responded.
  3. Workers are prioritizing safety, security, and health when evaluating employers. Keep facilities clean, communicate regularly about their reopening status, and maintain safe working conditions.
  4. The dispersed and decentralized global workforce. The pandemic forced employers to be more flexible for safety reasons. Now that jobs are seeking out talent, rather than talent coming to them, organization are offering work-from-home policies and a decentralized workplace, such that employees are essentially making more.
  5. The hybrid workplace and workforce. Many companies have a hybrid approach, where employees come into the office for a few days while working remotely for the rest.
  6. Companies committing to aggressive diversity targets. There is a major shift surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  7. The demand for retraining and reskilling grows. An increase in job automation catalyzed the demand for retraining.
  8. Women will continue to experience workplace setbacks. While women were making major strides at work Covid has undone most of that progress.
  9. Covid-19 accelerates the digital transformation of the workplace. At least 80 percent of leaders accelerated the implementation of technology due to Covid.
  10. The hourly workforce is treated like they are essential. Hourly workers will be treated like full-time workers in terms of benefits and the value added to their organization


And how does this affect you?
What steps have you taken?

What are your main “pain points” dealing with workplace and workforce planning? Are policies in place? What advice would be most helpful to you? And we always assume that you are asking for a friend!

Get in touch. We’ll address your questions and concerns in an upcoming blog post.




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