The One Question You Need to Be Asking

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As this question at your next board meeting


There are many components to your Board’s culture, especially “Boardroom culture”. What are your norms of decision-making? What is the process? How do you make better decisions?


As we have discussed many times, better Board members ask questions in the Boardroom. And questions should be encouraged and welcomed. Nothing is taken at face value. You want to know the rationale, the options considered, the process for making a recommendation, the criteria for assessment, the key success factors, and what success will look like. You want to know, in essence, why?


The Most Important Question in the Boardroom - "Why?"


Sadly, in my experience, and perhaps yours, this one word conjures up so much baggage it appears fraught with peril. A Chief Executive Officer or Executive Director sometimes sees it as representing a lack of trust or even confrontation. Some Board colleagues can see it as impolite. Others think you are taking up too much time.


Of course, the reverse is more likely true, others don’t care to know the context and rationale for the recommendations they are being asked to approve. Not so good for better decisions…


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So, why?


Asking why means that we are

  • concerned about the criteria for recommendations;
  • curious about options, the paths not chosen;
  • interested in focus;
  • committed to the alignment of resources with objectives; and
  • accountable for success and know what it will look like.


Why also motivates senior leaders and Board members to think through the process and outcomes.


Better questions mean better decisions.
And you can’t do better than asking “why”.
Peel back the onion. Get to the core of the issue.
Feel more confident in your decisions and more knowledgeable about your choices.


Ask why!

What are your main “pain points” in dealing with questions? Or your Boardroom culture?
What advice would be most helpful to you?  And we always assume that you are asking for a friend!

Get in touch. We’ll address your questions and concerns in an upcoming blog post.



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