Top 10 Blog Posts for 2022

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Top 10 Blog Posts for 2022


The new year is coming up fast so let's do a brief self-evaluation and examine the blogs that made the most impact in our year. 

What information was most helpful to your board in 2022?

What were your biggest challenges of the year?

What are you looking to improve in 2023? 

Let's take a look back at the top 10 posts of 2022:


10. Not-for-Profit Marketing

Katya Andresen posted six common nonprofit marketing mistakes, or what she wished she knew twenty years ago. They resonate with me about not only marketing but also advocacy in not-for-profits.



9. Three Ways to Step Up as a Board Member

How do you make a difference as an individual board member on a not-for-profit or non-profit board? How do you get your board on a path of continual improvement? In our webinars last week one question came up in every session. Here are some suggestions for moving the agenda forward.



8. Asset-based Development – What

As a not-for-profit board, you want to make things better, by adding and leveraging your unique contribution. One approach is “Asset-Based Community Development,” a term coined by researchers Jody Kretzmann and John McKnight.




7. Decolonizing

Have you ever heard of The Circle Way? Many not-for-profit boards and agencies are examining their practices to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion. Some boards are working with The Circle Way. You might want to consider working with circles at your next board meeting.




 6. Leadership enablers for people and boards

There are many “enablers” for effective leadership. What are they? Do they apply to Boards as well? Is it time for the conversation?





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5. Build your team. Focus on strengths

Most of us can document our education, experiences, and accomplishments but few of us are able to articulate our strengths. Yet people who can focus on their strengths are 6 times more likely to be engaged in their work. Why not build on strengths around the board table and in our organizations?



 4. Do Your Managers Need to Step Up

Are your board leaders consistently failing to provide what Bruce Tulgan calls the five management basics? Learn when and how not-for-profit CEOs, Executive Directors, and Board Chairs need to step up.



3. 7 Measures of Success

What do remarkable associations do that those others don’t? Remarkable organizations know their measures and collect data to ensure that these seven factors are top of mind in leadership, culture, and service delivery. What are your organization’s measures? 




2. Collaboration and decision-making

Your board meeting is your usual forum for board decision-making. Are you actually making decisions? Do you need a meeting? In-person or virtual? What other options are available to you?



1. Your CEO Has 3 Jobs: Are You Evaluating Only 1?

There are three major components to the work of Chief Executive Officers and Executive Directors of not-for-profit organizations, each taking about one-third of their time. But boards typically consider only one of these in their assessments.



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