Simple Ways to Improve: You Don’t Have to Be Sick to Get Better!

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Simple Ways to Improve: You Don’t Have to Be Sick to Get Better!


How do you continue to improve Board performance?


How do you know that you need to improve?

Can you really be “perfect”? Not…


Could there be a gap between your board’s performance and optimum effectiveness? How would you know?
How do you bridge the divide between just not-for-profit and for-impact?


It all starts with intentional practices.


It all starts with a plan… but includes careful management and oversight, and of course accountability.


How do you assess your performance and value? Is there regular annual assessment of board performance? What are your performance measures? What process do you use for board assessment? Who is responsible for seeing that it is done, that recommendations are made? How do you act on them? Who is responsible for seeing that action is taken?


Is your onboarding plan clear, systematic, coherent, and comprehensive? Is it continually improved? Who is responsible for organizing and implementing the orientation program? This is a responsibility of the board, not of the CEO. It is an orientation to your board, to your governance, to your leadership.


Do you invest in board development? Why not? You invest in your staff and senior leadership development. How do you learn together? How are priorities for learning and growth established? How is the effectiveness of board training measured?


What is your board succession management plan? Do you have a plan to increase diversity, equity, inclusion? What does your demographic, community connections and skills matrix look like? What are the gaps? What is the plan for developing a more representative and knowledgeable board?


So many questions. But only you have the answers!


What are your main “pain points” dealing with development? What advice would be most helpful to you? And we always assume that you are asking for a friend!


Get in touch. We’ll address your questions and concerns in an upcoming blog post.



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We are currently addressing these 10 Critical Questions Boards Need to Ask Themselves:

Why are you here?

Who is your employee?

3 What is your role?

Why are you meeting?

How do you ensure sustainable resources?

6 What are your KSFs?

7 How do you manage risk?

8 How do you ensure accountability and transparency?

9 How do you foster a culture of inquiry and assessment?

10 How do you continue to improve?

 Download the 10 Questions in PDF format with more details here.


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