Governance as Leadership: Connecting Executive Directors, Boards & Board Members

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Governance as Leadership: Connecting Executive Directors and Boards.


Just what you need – another blog. Right?

Probably not. So, if I know this, why I am starting this one?
We’re different. We promise.


Our aim is to work with Chief Executive Officers and Executive Directors to develop dynamic, high-performing boards, moving from just “not-for-profit” to “for impact” and results.


Our focus is on community development. Your community may be a municipality (the boundaries of your primary funder, for example, the arts, education, and public libraries), or an association (a membership-based organization), or a campus community (a student government or board of governors). Regardless of how you define “community,” this requires an understanding of governance as leadership if you are to make a noticeable difference.


What we should have in common as Executive Directors and Board members is working together to improve the quality of experience that each member of our community enjoys as a result of living and working here.


I’ve been on many boards and chaired my share, elected and appointed – in the arts, associations, government, higher education, and a K-12 school board. And been an elected municipal council member. And of course, sat on the other side of the table as a Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director. And I have the scars to prove it!


We Can Tread Water, or We Can Make a Difference


What I learned is that we can tread water while talking about management issues or we can make a difference if we pull together in one strategic direction, working with community partners. We can be invisible and easily replaced individually and collectively or powerful and focused on results. And the difference is not time expended, it is a focus on best practices.


I’ve been called in to “rescue” boards on the brink of bankruptcy- financial, ethical, and reputational. More often, I’ve witnessed squandered resources and talent as well-meaning people traveled in the wrong role lanes and just made no discernible difference.


So that is what we are for. To support you in your journey. To provide some useful advice. To connect you with others in the same positions.


I am informed by my background on boards for sure – but also my experience in the public sector and in the business environment. (Full disclosure—I have graduate degrees in both education and business administration, among others.)


We’ll be looking at ten broad areas of board endeavor, but more about that later. To start, we’ll examine 10 common mistakes that boards make -- or more politely, 10 questions that boards need to ask themselves.



Watch for us. We’ll appear every Tuesday in your mailbox. And of course, you can unsubscribe at any time – but please do let us know why, so we can continue to improve.


And in that vein, in the comments section below, please let us know your “pain points” and what would be most helpful to you. We’ll endeavor to meet your immediate needs!


If you haven’t already downloaded our 10 Critical Questions Boards Need to Ask Themselves, you can do so here.


We are also opening our first course for new Board members and their Executive Directors:

The New Board Member 101: Accelerating Your Path to Competence and Confidence.




Ken Haycock

Executive Director

Better Boards. Better Communities.


[email protected]

If they don’t give you a seat at the table bring a folding chair.--Shirley Chisolm



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