The Complete System for Board Development

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Better Boards. Better Communities.

The Complete System for Board Development


Do you want to make board development a priority but lack the time, budget, and motivation from other board members to make it happen?

If you've been struggling to get everyone on your board excited about board improvement, this program removes all the barriers and finally makes it possible!

The Complete System, allows you to learn and grow in your skills together at each board meeting. Try it out and experience what making an impact really means!


What's Included:


➔ Unlimited access to over 50 training videos (topics listed below). We recommend putting one video on the agenda at each board meeting.

➔ Discussion questions to facilitate conversation on each topic. 

 ➔ Additional curated resources/handouts to supplement topics as needed.

➔ Prioritized access to your instructor Ken Haycock with consultations and personalized webinars for your board by request.

PLUS Unlimited Enrollments in Our Online Courses!

➔ The Board Member 101: Your accelerated path to competence and confidence.

➔ The Board Leader Academy: Your step-by-step guide to higher performance and impact.

Ten Content Areas - All the Tools You Need

We have organized this program's 50+ training videos into 10 Content Areas. Click on an area to see what topics are included. 

What's the investment?

Subscription Pricing

Based on Budget.

 Includes free consultation and custom presentations on request.

Bonus: Includes unlimited access to our courses: The Board Member 101 & The Board Leader Academy

  • $10-$500,000. $599/year.

  • $501,000 to $2 million. $999/year

  • $2 million - $5 million. $1999/year.

  • $5 million - $20 million. $2,999/year.

  • $20 million - $50 million. $3,999/year.

  • $50 million and up - $5,999/year.

  • Federations (regional areas only): Based on total budgets of members, if not exceeding $50 million, otherwise inquire.

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