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Essential reads! Check out these titles recommended by Ken Haycock for effective not-for-profit board leadership and operation. 

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Effective Meetings: Welcome to the Board Room

30-page E-Book outlining how to have effective board meetings that never feel like a waste of time. Learn what to include, who is responsible for what, and what alternatives are available when a meeting is not really necessary.

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10 Critical Questions Boards Need to Ask

Key questions to consider as a board to facilitate advancement toward your mission. An ideal starting point - even if you've struggled with board improvement in the past!

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The Consent Agenda

Essential for meetings that matter! Learn how and when to use a Consent Agenda to save time and focus your meetings on the matters making a difference. 

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Top 10 Library Board Handbooks

Get links to access 10 examples of effective Library Board Handbooks. Use these as your model and save hours of research time!

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Advocacy: Lessons Learned and Next Steps

This 26-page e-book by Ken Haycock explores the lessons learned in his decades of experience and research into advocacy for not-for-profit boards. Learn how to ensure sustainable (and sustaining!) resources and support from key decision-makers in your community.

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