Better Boards.

Better Communities.

We partner with Chief Executive Officers, Executive Directors, and Board Chairs to complement your ongoing education programs. We offer three different courses and approaches.


The Board Member 101

Your accelerated path to competence and confidence.

In one month participants grow from feeling reticent and tentative to competent and confident, asking good questions and making great contributions. The course complements on-site orientations and opens new channels of communication and discussion.

Four weeks. Approximately 40 minutes per week in total, on your own schedule. 

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The Board Leader Academy

Our spotlight course is designed for Executive Directors, Board Chairs and those who are interested in leadership positions on not-for-profit, for-impact boards.

The Board Leader Academy: A step-by-step guide to higher performance and impact.

Six weeks. Approximately 60 minutes per week in total, on your own schedule. 

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Better Boards. Better Communities. - The Complete System

Our signature course enables Executive Directors and Board Chairs to incorporate board development training into every board meeting.

50+ training videos, with supplementary resources and valuable bonuses!

Budget is no longer a barrier to board improvement! This program is based on sliding-scale pricing.

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Scott Hargrove, Fraser Valley Regional Library

"Ken Haycock is a passionate advocate for strong, healthy Boards as a means of building effective organizations and better communities.  He has an impressive track record of helping Boards understand their roles and responsibilities, and his training ensures that they have the tools and education necessary to build and sustain high performing organizations."

Scott Hargrove
Chief Executive Officer
Fraser Valley (British Columbia) Regional Library
Sally Gibson, BC Library Trustees' Association

"Ken Haycock made a significant contribution to the BC Library Trustees' Association. With the support of government funding, Ken moved the Trustee Orientation Program from its somewhat colloquial beginnings to a well-polished seminar which included both face-to-face and online modules, as well as train-the-trainer coaching." 

Sally Gibson
Past President
British Columbia Library Trustees’ Association