Our Signature Program Is Here! Integrate Board Development with Every Agenda.

board development and revitalization intentional practices mission. vision. values roles and responsibilities Jan 09, 2023
Our Signature Program Is Here! Integrate Board Development with Every Agenda


Better Boards Better Communities. The Complete System for Board Development.

Our signature program enables Executive Directors and Board Chairs to identify questions, concerns, and issues and incorporate discussion and resolution in a regular board meeting. There are ten content areas (see below), with more than 50 specific topics. 

Just choose the area of interest or need for focus, select the short (15-minute)video with trigger questions for discussion, and supplement as needed with curated resources. This board development program fits within a regular board meeting agendavideo, discussion, resolutionin 30-45 minutes.

Meetings or webinars with the consultant are included, free on request. AND it includes unlimited access to our courses:


The entire project is available by annual subscription based on your budget, meaning a reasonable price for every budget!




Here are the ten content areas–with presentations and resources for each of 50+ topics.


Content Area 1: Mission. Vision. Values.
What is our business? Understanding our industry and sector. Why are we here?

Our mission and why it is central. Broad overview, role and purpose, norms, core programs/ services, trends. Why Boards? Business of the organization (community development). Mission, vision,  values as drivers. How to develop and measure. Intended outcomes.

Content Area 2: The Board/CEO Partnership.
Who is our employee? The Board/CEO partnership.

The essential partnership. Interdependence of effectiveness of the Board and of the CEO or Executive Director. Oversight and policy vs. operations and resources. Accountability, evaluation, performance reviews. Compensation. Succession management/transitions.


Content Area 3: Roles and Responsibilities.
What is our role? What is my role?

Types of boards. Primary purpose of boards. Four unique functions. Board structure. Committees. Role clarity: [1] board, [2] chair, [3] trustee/director, [4] politician on Board, [5] senior staff. Qualifications. Role statements. Who does what. Agreements on values, mission, objectives. Codes of conduct/ethics. Ground rules. Respect for norms, policies, teamwork.


Content Area 4: Intentional Practices.
Why are we meeting? Intentional board practices.

Effective management of board work. Meetings. Purpose. Alternatives. Agendas of consequence. Consent agenda. Rules of order. Strategic planning drives goals, work plans, agendas. Strategic orientation/culture of inquiry. Strategic thinking.

Duty of loyalty vs. Duty of independent-mindedness. High performance. Change and conflict management. Implications of victimization (Board. CEO.). Towards a culture of assessment. Implications of conflict avoidance (“niceness”).


Content Area 5: Strategic Planning and Policy Development.
Where are we headed? Strategic planning and direction.

Strategic planning. Principles and processes. Roles and responsibilities. Environmental scans. S/W/O/T and PESTLE analyses. Community partnerships as contracts. Policy development, implementation, review.

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Content Area 6: Ensuring Sustainable Resources.
Who’s got the money? Ensuring sustaining and sustainable resources.

Purpose of advocacy. Sustaining resources. Sustainable resources. Ambassadorship. Who speaks when. Policies. Principles of influence. Networks of influence. Government relations. Reputation and capacity of Board. Fundraising. Foundations. Friends. Planned giving by board members. Responsibilities.


Content Area 7: Oversight and Accountability. Measurement.
How do we know if we are any good? Oversight and accountability.

Results-oriented. Key success factors. Inputs vs. outputs vs. outcomes vs. impact. Advancement towards mission. Key indicators known by all concerned, approved and reported; variety of measures; benchmarks; ROI. Staff gather/analyze data; Board monitor, report out. Trend analysis.


Content Area 8: Oversight and Accountability. Financial and Legal.
Are we legal? What is fiduciary responsibility? Oversight and accountability.

Legislative frameworks. Effect on roles and responsibilities, operations. Values and standards. Ethics. Integrity. Conflict-of-interest policies. Director liability. Volunteers. Purposes of budget. Budget development. Mechanisms for active oversight. Internal controls (e.g., strategy and finance) and oversight mechanisms, established and implemented by management. Financial literacy. Reading financial statements. Asset management. Audits. Risk management; contingency plans. Whistleblowers.

Content Area 9: Inquiry and Transparency
Who needs to know? Fostering inquiry and transparency.

Public profile of the Board and directors. Public access to meetings, agendas, minutes. Public access to mission, values, strategic plan, annual reports, contracts, finances, operations, results. Open exchange with staff; equal access to all information for all board members. Fostering public interest and engagement. Advisory committees. Board meetings. Planning sessions. External communications. Annual reports.


Content Area 10: Board Development and Revitalization.
Do you need to be sick to get better? Board development and revitalization.

Orientation: more than the binder and the tour. Learn from history; recognize critical incidents; role models; mentors. Continuous learning. Learning together. Assessing board and director performance and the value added to the organization. Deepening knowledge of industry, environment, trends. Associations. Self-assessments. Chair assessments. Board assessments. Results and action. Time and resources for board development. Board succession management. Board profile/public standing. Demographic and skills matrix. Relations with appointing bodies.


Remember: Subscription Pricing is based on your budget.

Includes free consultation and custom presentations on request. Includes unlimited access to our courses: The Board Member 101 & The Board Leader Academy. Includes access to our collection of 50+ videos and curated resources!


Better Boards Better Communities. The Complete System for Board Development.




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